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How does the program work?
After signing up for the Intensive Bonsai Course, you will come to Eisei-en twice per year, for four days per session, over the course of three consecutive years (totaling six sessions, 24 total days at Eisei-en). At the conclusion of the three-year program, students will receive a certification of completion, signed by Bjorn L Bjorholm.

What subjects are covered in each class?
Horticultural, maintenance and design techniques pertaining to a range of coniferous and broadleaf bonsai species will be covered in each class - everything from the mechanics of heavy bending on Junipers to grafting on Pines and developing ramification on Maples to understanding Japanese aesthetics in bonsai display.

How much does it cost?

Each 4-day session costs $950. We ask that you pay a non-refundable upfront deposit of $950 upon reserving a spot in the school. Each time you come for a 4-day session at Eisei-en, we require that you prepay $950 for the next session until the 3 year program is completed.

How do I pay for the program?
Please send the initial $950 deposit via the registration page to reserve your spot in the school.  The remaining amount owed can be paid directly at Eisei-en during your program period.

What is the cancellation policy?
In the event that you need to drop out of the program or have a scheduling conflict, be aware that the deposit is non-refundable.  However, if you contact us more than 45 days before your scheduled class, you can apply your deposit to a different future session that fits your schedule better.  If you contact us less than 45 days before your scheduled class, though, your deposit cannot be applied to another class (exceptions of course for medical emergencies or flight issues, but please provide written proof in these instances).

Can I receive a refund in the event of sickness or flight delay/cancellation?
We cannot provide you a refund in such cases; however, we will work with you to reschedule your session for a later date at no additional cost or fees.  We require evidence of flight delay or sickness via doctor's note in such cases.

Do I need to bring my own trees to each session?
There are three options available. You may choose to purchase plant material directly from Eisei-en to work on and develop for the duration of the three-year program; you may choose to work on the world-class private collection at Eisei-en; or you may bring plant material from outside sources.

Will wire be provided at each session?
Both copper and aluminum wire will be available for purchase at Eisei-en.

Will tools be provided?
No, please bring your own tools or purchase them at Eisei-en.  Some specialty tools, such as die-grinders, raffia, and jacks will be provided by Eisei-en.  You can also purchase Kikuwa Brand tools at Eisei-en.

What about lodging?
Lodging is not included in the school costs. Please book nearby accommodations prior to arrival at each session.

Is airport pick-up/drop-off provided?
Eisei-en will not provide airport pick-up/drop-off.  We are located approximately 15 minutes from Nashville International Airport (BNA), so you can easily take an Uber or Lyft to/from the garden (appx $20) if arriving by plane.

Will food/drinks be provided?
Water and beer will be provided throughout the day.  Meals will not be included.

What will the daily schedule look like?
We will begin each day at 9am, focusing on theoretical aspects of bonsai art, followed by a one-hour lunch break from noon-1pm.  From 1-5pm we will apply the theoretical aspects discussed in the morning session to plant material in a hands-on setting.

Will we be using power tools in class?
For the safety of all students, power tools will not be allowed in the courses.

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