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Rocky Mountain Juniper #5


Size: 48″H x 58″W
Approximate Age: 250 years
Ceramic: Modern Chinese
Description: Collected in 2016 by Backcountry Bonsai, this wildly powerful RMJ is currently being grafted with fine Itoigawa Shimpaku Juniper foliage (one graft has fully taken, two others are being applied).  The fissured deadwood and dragon-like movement to the trunk make this one of the most powerful Junipers currently on the benches at Eisei-en.  This will be one of the most famous US Juniper bonsai in the not-too-distant future.

Please note that all orders must either be picked up at the US National Exhibition in Rochester, NY between September 8-10, 2023 or directly at Eisei-en.  Thank you!

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