Yamadori or Urban-dori?

Yamadori or Urban-dori?

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I’ve been on the road for three straight months now, finally winding down this week before heading home to Japan.  In the past few weeks in the US and Mexico, I’ve had the pleasure of working on dozens of fantastic trees, but the two featured in this post really stood out to me.

Both are Spruce owned by Steve Ohman in Ohio.  Steve has an impressive collection of both imported and native US bonsai, but these two Spruce really stand out amongst his trees.  Despite appearing to be old, gnarly yamadori collected somewhere in the Rockies, both are in fact Birds Nest Spruce that Steve himself collected several years ago from a home landscape.  Each tree took about a half a day to design and style.  With time, both will develop into great bonsai.


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  1. Gary Croft

    Are you going back to Osaka?

    • bbjorhol@gmail.com

      Yes Gary, I’m back in Osaka until the end of July.

  2. abe

    awesome, inspirational