Yamadori Sabina Juniper @ Bonsai Sense

Yamadori Sabina Juniper @ Bonsai Sense

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It’s always a pleasure spending time at Bonsai Sense in Mallorca, Spain.  Not only is Mallorca itself beautiful, but the trees are incredible, the food is superb, and the people are like extended family.  This is my third stint at Bonsai Sense nursery on the island, and I’ve been working this past week with owner Rafa Torres on some of his quality yamadori trees, attempting to transform them into bonsai art.

This particular post features a yamadori Sabina Juniper.  This tree was collected in mainland Spain and was brought to Mallorca by Rafa last year.  Despite appearing like a wild bush, the tree had some serious potential buried in the branches and under the soil line.




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  1. Juneil Mathis

    My only comment is . . . .WOW!

    • Bjorn Bjorholm

      Thanks Juneil!

  2. Charlie Mosse

    Incredibly useful video!! Great job speeding up the usual demonstration. It was easy to follow and kept my attention. Watching the tree morph in time lapse is a good tool. Thanks