Tiny Trees Come to Nashville!

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Nanxi and I have finally made the move to Nashville, TN!  While we’re still in the process of searching for a home and property on which to build the nursery and school, we have settled into a temporary location in downtown Nashville for the time being.

Check out Vlog #31 about our move to Nashville and making preparations for the upcoming US National Shohin Bonsai Exhibition!

10 Responses

  1. Dan Balsley

    So sad about the first day in new apartment for wife to have to go through in US. Better timers ahead for both of you and Bonsai on.

  2. Neffgen Norbert

    Alles Gute!
    In Eurer neuen Wohnung….
    Und viel Erfolg in Deinem neuen Geschäft.
    Viele Grüße aus Deutschland

  3. David Johnson

    Poor Nanxi, what a welcome to America. Things can only get better after that.

    Cool shohin. They look great.

    I used the same technique to graft Itoigawa roots to my common juniper as you suggested I do at the workshop in Toronto. Same technique but without your skill level. They are still green.

  4. Ader Marchan

    Thank you Björn, congratulation.

  5. Dave

    Vlog 31, how time flys when you are enjoying yourself.
    Best wishes for you and Nanxi in the U.S.

  6. Jürgen Lobendank

    hey Bjorn, your videos become better and better. Very good choosing of scenes and nearly perfect cutting (movie).
    So let me call you a future bonsai-Spielberg. 😉
    Great job!
    Greats from Germany, Jürgen

  7. Rick Brownell

    Awesome as usual. Thanks so much.

  8. Gary Croft. Melb.Aust

    I just love these roadtrip blogs & really look forward to each one
    Plus….good background music soundtracks

  9. Rolf.Perth.WA

    Bjorn, great video, excellent presentation with the approach graft!! Where would you get a rotary bit with this particular width for Dremel so it would fit the whip!! 😉 Thank you for your time.

  10. Rolf.Perth.Australia

    Hi Bjorn,
    Great video, enjoyed the approach graft section, where would you get this kind of rotary bit for the Dremel??
    Thank you.