Sonare Bonsai Time-lapse

Sonare Bonsai Time-lapse

Procumbens Juniper bonsai in JapanThis follow-up to the previous post about repotting in summer features the time-lapse video of this Sonare Juniperus procumbens.

The bonsai arrived at Kouka-en nursery in Osaka back in May 2016.  Unfortunately, I was on a teaching tour in Europe and the US at the time, so the tree’s styling had to wait until early July after my return to Japan.

Juniperus procumbens collected from the mountains in Japan are becoming increasingly rare, particularly examples with the character and age of this tree.  One of the most interesting features of this tree is the gnarled, twisted deadwood on the lower left section of the trunk.  In order to make this feature more prominent, I decided to tilt the tree slightly upward and to the right.

Many of the tree’s branches also feature a rare natural characteristic known as “eda-jin” in Japanese, which translates to “branch deadwood.”  In other words, live branches that intertwine with deadwood features.  When this very rare element exists on a tree, I try to incorporate it rather than removing those branches, even if that might negatively affect the overall design.

Following angle change, cleaning, and detail wiring, the tree was repotted into a more suitable pot.  The exposed surface roots will be worked down over time in subsequent repotting sessions.  Despite the summer heat, the tree is now thriving under 40% shade cloth at Kouka-en.