Japan Tours FAQ

Q1 Where can I find detailed information regarding pricing, itinerary, etc of an upcoming tour?

A1 Please click on the “Pricing & Details” button located on our Japan Bonsai Tours page.

Q2 Do I need to apply for a visa before attending the tour?

A2 Please check with the local Japanese consulate in your region.

Q3 Is airfare included in the tour package price?

A3 No, the tour package price does not include airfare.  Please book your plane tickets yourself either online or through a travel agency.

Q4 How many pieces of luggage can I bring?

A4 Please bring only one checked suitcase under 20 kg (44 lbs) and one carry-on item.

Q5 Where should I purchase traveler’s insurance?

A5 Please inquire about traveler’s insurance either through a travel agency or through the online service where you purchased your plane ticket.

Q6 How much money should I bring with me on the tour?

A6 This depends on how much you expect to purchase regarding souvenirs and additional food.  Japan is a cash-oriented society, so we recommend you bring at least 50,000 yen in cash with you.

Q7 Can I pull out more cash once I’m in Japan?

A7 Yes, you can pull out more cash using a standard debit or bank card from the ATM at any post office location.

Q8 Do I need formal attire on the tour?  

A8 No, you can wear casual clothes for the duration of the tour; however, be sure to bring seasonally appropriate attire.

Q9 Will I need to bring gifts to present to nursery owners on the tour?

A9 No, it is not necessary for you to bring gifts; however, if you do bring gifts, small items are best.

Q10 What hotels will we be staying in for the tour?

A10 We will be staying in both four star and three star hotels for the duration of the tour.  You will receive a full hotel list via e-mail two weeks before the tour starts.

Q11 Are there hairdryers in the hotel rooms?

A11 Yes, all hotel rooms will be equipped with a hairdryer.

Q12 Will I be required to tip?

A12 No, you should not tip under any circumstances.

Q13 Can I ship trees home from Japan?

A13 No, quarantine laws prohibit us from being able to ship trees to your home country, so please don’t ask us after you arrive to Japan.