American Kakejiku (Scroll) Maker – Stacy Allen Muse

American Kakejiku (Scroll) Maker – Stacy Allen Muse

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It’s an exciting time to be a bonsai practitioner, hobbyist, or professional in the world today.  Not only is the quality of trees and the availability information increasing rapidly, so too is the growth-pace of related art forms.  We recently featured the ceramic work of American potter Roy Minarai (click here for more), but in this edition, we’ll take a look at another excellent new US-based artist – Stacy Allen Muse.  Stacy’s kakejiku hanging scrolls are some of the best we’ve seen from any modern maker, Japanese or otherwise, and we’re excited to announce our new partnership with him through our online shop!

Stacy Allen Muse often gets asked why he paints and makes Scrolls, and how he got started doing them. His answer,“The whole thing started out of necessity more than anything else. With the vast majority of scrolls being Asian inspired, I saw a need for scrolls dealing with subjects and themes that were just not available. If you wanted a scroll with a painting of an American buffalo, where would you go to get one? I originally started off doing paintings of bonsai trees when I wasn’t working on my own actual trees. People liked what I was doing and I was asked if I had ever done scrolls. The answer was ‘no, but I would get started tomorrow!’ So, I sat down and practiced. Painting over and over, day and night, teaching myself how to do them. I taught myself to paint with Sumi-e ink and Chinese brushes. Taught myself how to do bonsai as well-through determination, perseverance and a lot of hard work.”

We are pleased to announce that we will be offering Stacy’s excellent hand-painted kakejiku scrolls in our online shop!

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